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    My name is Dr Segun, a sexuality activist and today I want to reveal to you why over 30 Million Nigerian men can’t Last for More than 2 mins on bed.

    Last month a carried out an survey over the internet, and collected anonymous comments of women who are eager to share their views on my most men are very terrible on bed, so that men can know where you can improve your sexual life & be a better husband.

  • Before I go’s what a man has to say about his terrible bedroom woes…

Now, Below Listed are some of the Anonymous comments these women made…

Look at what Madam “brown Bear” has to say…

Look at what “Starved Wife” have to say…


And this one..



Now here are the complained problems is summary….

  1. Lack of Proper Sexual Knowledge:

The root of NOT being good on bed start from the LACK of the knowledge on sexuality.

Most men especially the baby boomers (those born in the 60’s) don’t’ KNOW JACK about sexuality.

Many don’t know where to torch on a woman’s body…they don’t know how to make her crave for more.

All they are after is to just “mount” their wives like an ordinary HORSE and spill the “Royal Milk” in less than 2 mins when the poor woman is just getting in the mood to eat you up!

When a man lack poor knowledge on sexuality. He will find it hard to CONTROL is wife in bed & a man who can’t control is wife in bed room can’t control her outside the bed room.

So my best advice for you is to get educated sexually, so you’ll know how to please your wife to the extent she will even “worship ” you!

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  1. Premature Ejaculation:

YES, premature ejaculation is a MAJOR reason why over 20 million Nigerian men are terrible on bed. As I said earlier on, most men just mount on their woman and in less than 2 mins..they spill the royal milk!

The worst part is that many of them make matter worse by taking all sort of Herbal Mixtures that never works, because they contain MORE toxin that causes prostate cancer than the cure!

My brother, do you know that when you take all those nonsense herbal mixture, you actually ‘turn her off” rather than makes her in the mood?

I know it could be tempting to use all sort of thing to solve your premature ejaculation problems, but trust me, most drugs and herbal mixtures actually does more harm than good to your body.

The best thing to do is to eat right & use the RIGHT solution.

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  1. Small Manhood:

If your manhood is as tiny as a Pencil, then you have a BIG problem at hand! Nigerian women loves men who have is big…as big a as python!

Why do women love men who have a bigger manhood?

Truth Is men with bigger manhood tends to satisfy them way better than men with small ones.

No matter then “love” they have for you, such love will be questioned when you have a small manhood.

But truth is, I don’t blame you!

It’s not your fault that you have a small manhood.

But that being said, as a responsible man that you are, you have to keep looking for a natural way to make your manhood bigger and better than what you have now.

Truth is there are so many so called cures out there…from handsome up pump, to all sort of snake oils that promise to enlarge your manhood by a magic torch.

Truth is there are products that will help you grow you manhood better but requires some efforts from you too.

I used one secret cream & side with a natural workout for growing my manhood, lo and behold, I had an extra length naturally.

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Now that you can see the why most Nigerian men are terrible on bed, I’m sure you can figure out where your fault lies so you can figure our how to deal with it.

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Dr Segun

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