By Chioma Obinna

Reddington Wellness Centre has launched  a total body health screening service known as  LIFESCAN Medical Checkup Service that provides early detection for critical conditions and life threatening illnesses, particularly for people with risk factors.

LAUNCH: From left: Consultant Physician, Reddington Hospital, Dr. Misbah Oleolo, guest speaker, Professor Rasheed Arogundade, Head Radiology Reddington Hospital Dr. James Ogunshina, and GMD, Reddington Hospital Ltd, at the official inauguration of the LIFESCAN Medical Check Up Programme in Lagos recently.

The service provided by Reddington uses advanced medical scanning technology including Nigeria’s GE Signa Explorer Digital MRI, which has advanced capabilities to produce the highest quality images suitable for the purpose of life scan.

Speaking at the launch in Lagos, Reddington Group Medical Director, Dr. Olutunde Lalude said the idea behind its establishment was to promote wellness as a better alternative to having to endure expensive and lengthy treatment options.

“Screening services can provide early warning of a potential problem before they are evident especially for those with risk factors.”

He said the simple, non-invasive and pain free screening includes diagnostic imaging of the head, brain, neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis each patient will get report on the outcome of the screening along with any findings.

“The LIFESCAN full body, high quality, low dosage, digital imaging scan delivers another first for the Reddington Healthcare Group who have a history of being in the forefront of pioneering breakthroughs in the healthcare in Nigeria.”

On his part, the Business Development Director, Andy Cunliff said research has consistently showed that early detection increases survival rate.

Early diagnosis is the most critical strategy for avoiding a heart attack, stroke or advanced cancer diagnosis. We are looking at ways to make this accessible to as many people as possible.”

He said the Group also launched the Breast and Gynaecology Centre, Nigeria’s first state of the art medical centre dedicated to women’s health and  opened the Gray’s Cardiology to offer high cardiology care amongst others.

Cunliffe added; “Our entire team is committed to continuously improving standards of healthcare delivery and access to it. Full body scans are widely available abroad and LIFESCAN provides further support to our patients.

“Our team has a collective determination to provide healthcare services as good as any overseas healthcare provider.”

The Reddington Hospital launched the first digital cardiac catheterization facility in Nigeria and the first closure of a hole in the heart in a child using non-surgical modern technology.

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