We all know cucumber has several health benefits but cucumber water is now fast becoming life.

It’s simple and cheap, just add slices of cucumber to your water and viola you are getting several benefits. Cucumber water is refreshing and offers amazing health benefits, well if you are doubting what this simple remedy can do for your health, here are some health benefits of drinking cucumber water.

It keeps you hydrated: “Cucumber is something like 95% water and being so water-dense means that cucumber is able to keep you amazingly hydrated just like water itself, to double down on the amount of water you drink per day, add cucumber to your morning glass”.

Cucumber water is great for your skin: “We all love a good skin, cucumber water is rich in vitamin B-5, which can clear up symptoms associated with skin conditions, and it also flushes out nasty toxins from your body”.

It helps with weight loss: “If you’re in the process of trying to lose weight, sugary drinks won’t help you cucumber water will help you with weight loss because apart from quenching your thirst, cucumber water can actually make you feel fuller”.

It strengthens your bones: “Cucumber water can help to strengthen your bones by supplying you with Vitamin K, which forms the proteins necessary to maintain healthy bones”.

It is rich in antioxidants: “They battle free radicals that are intent on wreaking havoc in our system, thereby promoting cellular health and keeping us functioning at our optimum, fruit and vegetables are stuffed with all kinds of powerful antioxidants and so is the humble cucumber”.

It is a good detoxifier: “You want to detox? Cucumber water can help you out as it flushes toxins out from your body, draining you of rogue bacteria that’s been making you feel tired and less like yourself, to maintain your body and keep it in tip-top shape all year round, we recommend regularly drinking cucumber water”.

It lowers blood pressure: “Cucumber water contains potassium, which plays an important role in lowering your blood pressure, it does this by ensuring that your kidneys maintain the right amount of sodium”.

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